Sign lights are retrofit sign tubes used to retrofit signs with LED in place of fluorescent.

Existing fluorescent tube has size marking starts with F***, you need to read first three/ four letters on the existing fluorescent sign tubes and use the same size Sign light LED sign tubes. (it will perfectly fit in, no measurement of the existing tube is necessary).

As shown in the table are sizes in stock, watt, lumens

Product CodeWattLumensSizeCCTLens




Yes, 90 degree

Yes, By rotating tubes and facing sideways to the face. (facing up/down) If cabinets are thiner than 6”, it required high reflective gloss paint on the face and the back of the cabinet. (Translucent paint on the face not to make face dark).

Gen1 : do draw power from the tombstones and need ballast to be bypassed. They still be same size and fitting in the existing tombstones. Ballast to be bypassed and hot on one end, neutral on the other end, take any voltage from 100-277v.
Specification attached,

Gen2: Do not draw power from tombstones and only use tombstones for the support. Power is drawn by T connector and daisy chain system. Any sign having any issue with the wiring can use Gen 2 and bypass complete system in the sign and draw power by input wire. Tech had to connect one power cord with the in coming power source (100-277v) and than T-daisy chain rest of the tubes in the cabinet.

All wiring are designed for upto max 20 pieces connection. All input wires and internal wirings in the signtubes are designed for withstanding current upto 20 pieces in series. Literally tech had not to worry any thing or had not to calculate anything before retrofitting any sign cabinets. Estimated max time is 30 minutes for any sign cabinets.

Sign Tubes do not require any external driver all sign tubes are designed with their own internal driver. Tech had to not to calculate any driver, watt, power calculations to be done or design the system. It’s Retrofit, yes the simplest and fastest retrofirt.

Yes they are UL under UL # E513144. Also SAMS listed.

Gen 1: F18, F24, F30, F36, F42, F48, F60, F64, F72, F84, F96, F108, F117, F120

Gen 2 Single Piece Sizes: F18, F24, F30, F36, F42, F48, F60, F64, F72, F84, F96

Gen 2 – 2 pieces sizes : F108, F117, F120 (2 pcs per lamp) for easy shipping and handling.

It include one power cable (input cable) and all necessary T connectors.


It can be used one to one replacement for the existing system. In deep cabinets upto 16.

Try to rotate the tubes, if the cabinets are not well made with reflective coating on the back of the face, it create this hot spot/ dark spot issue. Any cabinets under 10” may have these issues. Best way to remove the hot spot /dark spot is to use high reflective paint on the faces, make sure you use translucent paint, to let the light pass through it.

All sign tubes are rated for 50,000 hours and carry 5 year warranty from the date of purchase and subject to terms and condition of the warranty policy of the company.


Gen1 are patented under patent#10,794,548 B2.

Gen2 are patented under patent#10,465,860 & #11,287,091,B2.

Sign Light LED, can set up a relationship between sign companies in the area to provide exclusive rights to buy and sell sign tubes in agreed area. As these are patented products, it will protect interest of both parties. To become a distributor, need to purchase one case of each size sign tubes and had to be at least 50,000$ purchase from year to year. The distributor program also had a rebate as follows: 2% on purchase anything between 50k-100k/ year and 4% on all purchase over 100k.on sign tubes. Sign light will not sell to any other person/company/distributor in agreed territory.

There may be solder issue in the center of the tube. Its covered under warranty pl. set aside those and send back for replacement. All the efforts are made to make them defect less but some time transportation cause the issue and they are still under warranty coverage.


No technician does not require any training, as all the aspects are taken care of during the design phase. Technician literally had to read first 3 – 4 digit ( start with F) on the existing tubes, pull the same number LED tubes, replace it bypass ballast if Gen1 or daisy chain and connect input for Gen 2 tubes.

Sign light design team is working on patenting click connect instead of threaded daisy chains. It will be called Gen 3 tubes and expected to be in market by April 2020. As the inventory on gen 1 and Gen 2 depletes, it will be replaced with Gen3. Our goal is to bring retrofit time lower and lower, with no tech support or knowledge required to retrofit signs.

They are much cheaper than market as we are the manufacture/ distributor and there is no middle man. We can offer two level pricing retail and distributor. Distributor pricing requires certain amount of purchase and territory assignments.

Size          Gen 1Gen 2


Extra input wires are for purchase:
– 10A/4ft- $4.5 (only used with Gen2)
– 10A/8ft- $6
Plus actual shipping cost to be added on each order. Any order over 5000$ will be shipped for free.

Compare to Fluorescent tubes LED consumes less energy and pay back period calculated varies on size is is between 12 to 18 month on average.

No we do not sale them online nor to direct public or customer. We only sale it to sign companies, contractors.

Yes, very easy way to order, fill form up, text it, email it or fax it.

Sign Light retrofit Tubes are designed such that if tech carry all size (only 14 sizes), literally can retrofit 99% of the signs exist in the world. (pylon and monument sign). No hassle and Tech can drive in to the blind site and come happy by retrofitting the sign. For the sign company owners, it is possible to do 2-3 signa day as most sign can be retrofitted in a day. Retrofit any sign can be done well under 30 minutes.

All sign tubes are IP40 rating. For use inside the cabinet.


For paying the invoice there are multiple ways to make payment.

a) Online, once invoiced it will send a payment link to the customer. It will cost customer 3% CC processing charge.


b) Calling in with CC or send CC authorization form for payment processing


c) By Bank deposit fund can be deposited in to sign light account hold in BB&T bank and sending receipt to sign light LEDs.

Bank account Details:

  • Account name: Sign Lights LED LLC
  • Account number: 0005203051117
  • Bank : BB&T


d) Wire transfer to Sign light LEDs account Wiring instructions as follows:

  • Account name: Sign Lights LED LLC
  • Bank Routing # 053101121
  • Account number: 0005203051117
  • Address: 111 Preamble Ct, Anderson ,SC-29621

Bank information:

  • Bank name: BB&T Bank
  • Address: 4007 Clemson Blvd, Anderson,SC-29621

When we use T connectors, power feed to all the tubes are directly feed instead of going through first tube to the second to third. In case is there any problem in any single tube, there will not be any issue carried over to other tubes. All the tubes are individually independent and defect in one does not affect operation or performance of the other sign tubes.