Sign lights are retrofit sign tubes used to retrofit signs with LED in place of fluorescent.

Existing fluorescent tube has size marking starts with F***, you need to read first three/ four letters on the existing fluorescent sign tubes and use the same size Sign light LED sign tubes. (it will perfectly fit in, no measurement of the existing tube is necessary).

As shown in the table are sizes in stock, watt, lumens

Product CodeWattLumensSizeCCTLens




Yes, 90 degree

Yes, our 360-degree rotating tubes make it possible to use them in single-faced cabinets. Rotate the tubes so they're facing up and down. The spacing between them should be determined by the cabinet's depth. Refer to our suggested spacing chart for optimal illumination. For the best results, make sure to use high-reflective gloss paint on both the face and back of the cabinet.

Gen 1: Draws power from the existing tombstones and requires them to be functioning. Bypass the ballast and connect directly to 110-277V.

Gen 2: Draws power from the daisy chain system and doesn't require functioning tombstones. For new cabinets, use Rapid Brackets to secure the lamps in place. Bypass the ballast and connect directly to 110-277V, connecting up to 20 lamps in a series with the daisy chain system.

Gen 3: Utilizes the same installation system as Gen 2, with the addition of a lens. The lens softens the light distribution, making it ideal for use in slimmer cabinets, such as menu boards.

All wiring are designed for upto max 20 pieces connection. All input wires and internal wirings in the signtubes are designed for withstanding current upto 20 pieces in series. Literally tech had not to worry any thing or had not to calculate anything before retrofitting any sign cabinets. Estimated max time is 30 minutes for any sign cabinets.

No, our sign lamps come with built-in drivers. All that's required is to bypass the existing ballast and connect our lamps directly to 110-277V.

Yes, they are UL certified and SAM listed.

We have all sizes in stock for shipping the same day when orders are recieved before 3:00PM Eastern. All orders ship out of our Anderson, SC warehouse.

Gen 2: F18, F24, F30, F36, F42, F48, F60, F64, F72, F84, F96, F108, F117 & F120.

Gen 3: F36, F42, F48, F60, F64, F72, F84, F96, F108, F117, F120.

Included accessories: All T-connectors, one power feed per box.

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It can be used one to one replacement for the existing system. In deep cabinets upto 16.

Try to rotate the tubes, if the cabinets are not well made with reflective coating on the back of the face, it create this hot spot/ dark spot issue. Any cabinets under 10” may have these issues. Best way to remove the hot spot /dark spot is to use high reflective paint on the faces, make sure you use translucent paint, to let the light pass through it.

All sign tubes are rated for 50,000 hours and carry 5 year warranty from the date of purchase and subject to terms and condition of the warranty policy of the company.


Gen 1 patent #

Gen 2 patent #

Gen 3 patent #

Sign Light LED, can set up a relationship between sign companies in the area to provide exclusive rights to buy and sell sign tubes in agreed area. As these are patented products, it will protect interest of both parties. To become a distributor, need to purchase one case of each size sign tubes and had to be at least 50,000$ purchase from year to year. The distributor program also had a rebate as follows: 2% on purchase anything between 50k-100k/ year and 4% on all purchase over 100k.on sign tubes. Sign light will not sell to any other person/company/distributor in agreed territory.

Although this is a rare occurrence, and we take great pride in the quality of our products, there is a possibility that only half of your tube works. The potential causes vary depending on the tube size. For sizes F18-F96, this issue may be attributed to soldering problems or damage during transportation. However, for sizes F108-F120, it's essential to note that these tubes require power from both ends. If power is supplied to only one end, the tube won't function as expected. If you encounter this problem, rest assured that it's covered under our warranty. Please contact us at 864-372-2378, and we'll assist you in obtaining replacements.

No technician does not require any training, as all the aspects are taken care of during the design phase. Technician literally had to read first 3 – 4 digit ( start with F) on the existing tubes, pull the same number LED tubes, replace it bypass ballast if Gen1 or daisy chain and connect input for Gen 2 tubes.

Sign light design team is working on patenting click connect instead of threaded daisy chains. It will be called Gen 3 tubes and expected to be in market by April 2020. As the inventory on gen 1 and Gen 2 depletes, it will be replaced with Gen3. Our goal is to bring retrofit time lower and lower, with no tech support or knowledge required to retrofit signs.

You can purchase our sign lamps at orders.signlightled.com.

For bulk orders or inquiries about becoming a distributor for us please call us at 864-372-2378.

Compare to Fluorescent tubes LED consumes less energy and pay back period calculated varies on size is is between 12 to 18 month on average.

Yes, you can purchase them at orders.signlightled.com.

For bulk orders or inquiries about becoming a distributor for us, please call us at 864-372-2378.

Yes, very easy way to order, fill form up, text it, email it or fax it.

Rapid Lamps offer significant benefits to both techs and sign company owners. We've streamlined the entire retrofitting process, making it possible to complete the installation in approximately 30 minutes for virtually any existing sign cabinet worldwide. As a sign company owner, this streamlining simplifies the process to such an extent that the requirement for extensive training of new technicians is significantly reduced. This means that your team can become proficient more quickly, saving you time and resources while ensuring a faster and more efficient retrofitting process for your clients.

All of our Rapid Lamps are rated IP65.


When we use T connectors, power feed to all the tubes are directly feed instead of going through first tube to the second to third. In case is there any problem in any single tube, there will not be any issue carried over to other tubes. All the tubes are individually independent and defect in one does not affect operation or performance of the other sign tubes.