LED Sign Retrofit Lamps Installation: A Fast and Easy Process

5 Sep 2023

LED sign boards have become a top choice for most business firms these days. Along with fulfilling the purpose of garnering attention from existing and prospective customers, LED boards also provide various additional benefits, such as energy efficiency and cost savings.

Therefore, a lot of business owners consider changing their non-LED sign boards to LED sign boards. In order to do so, they have to replace the artificial lighting source within the sign cabinet with an LED light. This process is called “LED Retrofitting”. You can convert a non-LED sign board into an LED sign board with the help of an LED retrofit lamp or tube.

The Need for Retrofitting

People often look for LED sign retrofit lamps or tubes that are fast to install in order to carry out the activity of retrofitting. The reason behind the same is that many LED lamps and tubes require a considerable amount of time on the part of the technician to complete the retrofitting process.

In fact, it’s one of the factors why people feel reluctant to replace the existing light in their sign cabinets with an LED lighting fixture. Other factors that compel people to stick to the existing lighting system for their sign boards include the cost of LED retrofitting, the expertise needed, and more.

Why Buy the Fastest LED Sign Retrofit Lamps and Tubes?

As a leading retrofit LED sign lamps and LED sign tube wholesaler in the USA, it becomes our duty to resolve various confusions and doubts that people might be facing regarding their sign cabinets. If you are someone who is hesitant to install the LED retrofit lamp or tube in your sign board, thinking that it would be a time-consuming and expensive affair, let us tell you that you are not alone. Many others also think the same way.

In such a situation, an ideal solution is to buy a retrofit LED lamp or tube that can be installed quickly. Some companies design and manufacture LED retrofit lights in such a way that they can be installed in the shortest possible time. We supply only the best products sourced from top companies. We ensure that the LED sign retrofit lamps and tubes we supply make the installation process rapid and smooth.

How a LED Sign Tube or Lamp Can Save Cost?

Now, let’s talk about the cost, as it’s another factor why people refrain from LED retrofitting. LED lights cost more than other artificial lighting sources. Moreover, the technician charges separately for replacing the light source inside the sign cabinet.

However, the savings in the energy bills over time will offset the initial cost. As you must be aware, LED lights are highly energy-efficient. They produce 70 to 100 lumens per watt. In short, the power output of LED lights is higher than any other type of light. On top of it, LED lighting fixtures convert around 95% of the energy they consume into light. Unlike traditional lighting fixtures that emit light at 360O around them, LED lighting fixtures emit light at 180O around them.

Thus, you can replace a high-wattage traditional artificial lighting source with a low-wattage LED light and reduce your electricity bill. A decrease in energy consumption protects the environment. So, you can reduce the carbon footprint of your business. The savings occur not just in terms of energy bills but also in terms of maintenance and replacement expenses.

As leading single-sided and double-sided LED sign lamps Wholesaler & Distributor, we must tell you that LED sign lamps and tubes, as well as other LED-based lighting products have a long lifespan. They last longer than metal-halide lamps, incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, and other types of lighting products. So, you don’t need to worry about replacing them frequently. Similarly, you also don’t need to fret about maintaining them. LED lights don’t need frequent maintenance.

Why are LED Sign Retrofit Lamps Easy to Install?

We are sure that you still might be concerned about the fact that whether a technician will be able to handle the retrofitting task easily or not. Well, as we have mentioned earlier in this blog post, you can purchase a LED sign tube or lamp that can be installed quickly.

Fast installation implies that a technician need not possess any expertise or specialized knowledge. They can install retrofit single-sided as well as dual-sided LED sign tubes or lamps inside a casing of your sign board in a hassle-free manner using their skills.

By now, you must have understood how time, cost, and expertise are no issues when it comes to LED retrofitting. If you are still reluctant to go for retrofit LED lights, we suggest you consult an experienced local technician for more insights. A lot of people have a doubt about the exact type of LED lighting fixture to be installed inside the sign cabinet. The technician you consult will guide you in choosing the most suitable tube or lamp.

They will provide an effective solution after considering the number of lights required and the type of existing and required light fittings. Since electrical technicians and contractors have experience in accomplishing a variety of projects, they know which are the most trustworthy brands. They will help you select the best retrofit LED sign lamps and tubes.

We are not beating our own drum, but hundreds of electrical technicians and contractors, LED lighting retailers, signage companies, and LED sign installation service providers recommend our LED sign lighting fixtures to their customers. It is a result of our continuous effort to improve quality. Simultaneously, it is a testimony to the fact that our products can fulfill various types of needs related to LED lighting applications for signage.

If you are involved in the business of making, installing, or repairing signage, you must choose high-quality LED lighting products for your customers. Signage requires a significant investment from an entrepreneur. Hence, it should function properly always. Downtime of LED sign boards can affect a business firm drastically. You can ensure that your customers don’t face this scenario.

The LED sign retrofit lamps and tubes that we supply are UL certified. They are exclusive products because they come with internal drivers. As there are no external drivers, there is no need to worry about allocating space to them or maintaining them. Our patented sign retrofit system simplifies the whole process.  

Wrapping Up

Sign boards play a crucial role in increasing brand awareness, promoting business offerings, and maximizing sales. You can retrofit the existing lights in your signage with single-sided or dual sided LED sign tubes or lamps. The LED lights installed with the sign cabinets must be safe to use. You should take into account factors like safety, ease of maintenance, quality of LED lights, and the desired impact to make the right decision.