• Allows for Rapid Lamp tubes to be used in new sign builds
  • Ability to replace broken tombstones to hold our tubes into place
  • Very simple and easy to use
Our product, “Rapid Bracket®,” is a unique and UL Listed mounting bracket ideal for installing LED lights inside new build or existing sign cabinets and pylon signs alike. It was designed with the thought of simplifying the problem of installing LED lights within sign cabinets. With our sign light tube bracket, you can install LED light tubes in a safe and hassle-free manner. Our range of Rapid Mounting Brackets comprises of wall mounting brackets and side mounting brackets. They are the ultimate solution for your needs related to LED light installation in sign boards, under awnings, and other areas alike.


Rapid mounting brackets come in multiple models, allowing you to install various sizes and types of LED tubes within the cabinet of a pylon sign. They can be used for all sizes, shapes, and thicknesses of signage. Our products are made from strong and durable material. So, they will last for many years. Their exceptional design ensures that minimal damage is caused to the LED tubes in the unfortunate event of a sign board falling down.

Features of Rapid Mounting Brackets

They are UL Listed and do not compromise the warranty of your cabinets.

They are easy to use and install.

They are highly compatible for all sizes and many locations.

They are priced competitively.

They come with quality assurance.

Our mounting bracket is a tube clamp bracket or LED tube holder bracket that has won the hearts of end users as well as signage installation companies. We have built a spotless reputation in the industry due to our products innovations, high-quality standards, and range of offerings.

LED signage is a significant investment that entrepreneurs make to promote their businesses. A sign board is a powerful marketing tool for businesses across several industries, geographical regions, and scales of operations. If your business enterprise has a physical presence, you cannot ignore the importance of having thoughtfully-built and well-lit signage.

Grocery stores, supermarkets, gas stations, fast food spots, cafeterias, coffee shops, restaurants, retail shops, furniture stores, home improvement stores, hardware stores, stationery stores, gift shops, beauty salons, massage parlors, child care centers, pet grooming salons, and all other types of business firms that have a physical presence can maximize their revenue with the help of a creatively designed and properly illuminated sign board.

An LED sign board that displays the name and other essential details of your business in clear fonts and attractive colors can capture the attention of passersby. It can entice both existing and prospective customers. You can show dynamic information, such as the latest discount offers, combo deals, stock clearance sale, special schemes, and more, on both indoor and outdoor sign boards of your business. A sign board becomes a symbol of identity for your store. It represents your brand, and thus, it provides a huge scope for growing business.

However, the same sign board that can grow your business can also harm the reputation of your business if it does not stay illuminated during business hours. An LED lighting fixture mounted inside the cabinet of a sign board must function optimally at all times in order to keep the board in working condition. A poorly functioning lighting fixture may not illuminate your board properly. The downtime of the LED-based lighting product can lead to the downtime of your business.

Therefore, you must make sure that your signage has a high-quality LED light. Simultaneously, you should also ensure that the mounting brackets and tube light mounting clips supporting the lighting fixture are reliable. We have built Rapid Mounting Brackets in a way that you can rely on them without a second thought. We have a strict quality inspection policy in place to prevent defects.


Back mounting brackets are installed at the back panel inside the LED sign board cabinet. They are used to mount LED lights on the back panel inside the cabinet. The back mounting brackets we supply come in a variety of models to fulfill the varied needs of customers. They are high in strength and durability.


Side mounting brackets are installed at side panels inside the LED sign board cabinet. They are used to mount LED lights on side panels inside the cabinet. With our wide range of side mounting brackets, you can mount an LED tube of any size or type. Rapid Mounting Brackets built for side mounting are long-lasting.


Product Tech Specs

2SL07T10XX0450F187W910lm6000KClear16 1/4"
2SL13T10XX0600F2413W1560lm6000KClear22 1/4"
2SL13T10XX0750F3013W1690lm6000KClear28 1/4"
2SL16T10XX0900F3616W2080lm6000KClear34 1/4"
2SL21T10XX1050F4221W2700lm6000KClear40 1/4"
2SL21T10XX1200F4821W2730lm6000KClear46 1/4"
2SL28T10XX1500F6028W3640lm6000KClear58 1/4"
2SL28T10XX1600F6428W3640lm6000KClear62 1/4"
2SL38T10XX1800F7238W4750lm6000KClear70 1/4"
2SL38T10XX2100F8438W4750lm6000KClear82 1/4"
2SL51T10XX2475F9651W6630lm6000KClear94 1/4"
2SL51T10XX2700F10851W6630lm6000KClear106 1/8"
2SL60T10XX2925F11760W8450lm6000KClear115 1/8"
2SL60T10XX3000F12060W8450lm6000KClear118 1/8"

The Epitome of Quality

  • Our LED Sign tube lights excel in heat dissipation, vibrant lighting, and durability, and deliver significant cost savings throughout the lifespan of your sign. Easy installation is guaranteed.
  • Our product boasts custom designs meticulously crafted by educated and experienced engineers with extensive expertise in Signs and Lighting Installation. Additionally, we proudly hold UL certifications on our system, components, and drivers, ensuring the utmost safety and reliability.
  • With over 20 years of experience, we possess an in-depth understanding of the profound impact of LED technology on the Signlighting business.

Why Choose us

Easy Installation

Signlights LED is the first to offer exclusive internal drivers on our products, which means that our light tubes can be installed faster and easier. We have eliminated the need for extra wiring.

Environmentally Friendly

LED Lights are to produce light 90% more efficiently, reduce heat output, offer durability and versatility, and require minimum to zero maintenance.

Lower Cost

Signlights LED offers tubes that provide uniform and better lighting, higher impact signage, and increase your business presence at a lower cost.

Tomorrow’s Innovations

You can check out our Products tab to view our complete product line and to see how you can light today with tomorrow’s innovations.

Choose from a Spectrum of Sizes

We offer multiple sizes to fit all your installation needs, and with our double-sided illumination, our circular tubes provide wider illumination areas.

Vibrant Lighting & Durability

Our LED bulbs provide better heat dissipation, vibrant lighting, enhanced durability, and significant cost savings over their lifespan.

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Our LED bulbs offer better heat dissipation, more vibrant lighting, more durability, and significant cost savings over the life of your sign.
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