8 Jul 2023

The moment we think about NEON SIGN BOARDS, a picture of the Las Vegas Strip flashes in our minds. Those dazzling lights trying to grab our eyeballs from hundreds of such Signs all around us.

Till the advent of LED, all those Sign Boards were made using Neon or such other gases.

Since there was No Option available, NEON SIGNS ruled the world over and a lot of Business depended on them. Footfalls in Hotels, casinos, Resorts, Malls, Entertainment Complexes depended big time on NEON SIGNS…

Larger the SIGN, more the BUSINESS !

Then came LED… Bringing with it a much better option compared to the Traditional Neon Signs ( which we all remember with a generous dose of nostalgia ).

LED SIGNS have a number of Advantageous Aspects, making them a Better Business Investment… Both in Terms of Finance and Environment !

Here are some Reasons, Why NEON Signs should be replaced with LED Signs :

    Every Business Operation is highly concerned about Cutting their Operational Cost, which eventually reflects on the Profit. POWER BILL is one of the major expenses of any Business Outfit, specially when BIG SIGN BOARDS are used to promote their Brand. 
    LED SIGNS use One Fifth Less Power or roughly 70% Less Power in comparison to NEON. This is more than a significant reason to use LED.  
    What is consumed by a NEON SIGN in KV is consumed by an LED SIGN in V. 
    Though the Initial Investment on LED could be bit more, the overall Profitability is much higher 
    So whether you are an Environment Conscious person or Cost Conscious person…
    The Better choice for you is LED SIGNS !
    Longer Shine Life and overall Durability is another “Key Reason” to replace Neon Sign with LED SIGN…
    It is universally known that LED Light lasts much longer compared to all other kinds of Lights ( Incandescent, CFL, Neon etc. ), to be precise a Neon Light can last upto 10,000 Hours, while LED Light lasts upto 30,000 Hours and more.  
    THREE TIMES longer life means you don’t need to change the LED Light often plus LED Lights are Easy to Replace, No Professional Help needed.
    Result – LOW Maintenance Cost !
    LED SIGN LIGHTS are much Brighter and Sharper in their SHINE, as compared to the Soft and Warm Glow of the NEON SIGN. 
    A Neon Sign is surely romantic but tends to get lost in the milieu of thousands of surrounding lights.    
    LED shines Sharp… specially the TEXT MESSAGE in the Sign Board which Shines Out from all other Signs around it. 
    Clear Communication means more Footfalls !
    LED SIGNS adhere to the ongoing GLOBAL WARMING issue which we all are facing
    LED is one of the Top 20 Inventions of the last century and apart from being COST EFFICIENT, it is a super COOL Light. 
    Does not use any Gases, nor does it Heat up while in use.
  5. SOLAR – LED
    LED Lights as we are all aware, are extremely Economical in Use, they have a very long Shine Life and use 70 % LESS POWER compared to rest of the Lights.
    Since LED uses 70% less Power, they are the Best Choice for SOLAR ENERGY. 
    A Sign Board of LED can be Powered by Solar Energy as an Independent Power Solution all by itself.
    LED SIGN LIGHTS are very long lasting, which means Less Replacement and they are very easy to replace.
    Changing an LED Sign Tube can be easily done without any Professional Help, this means Less Maintenance Cost plus LED Sign Light is not fragile like a NEON Light.
    LED Light is Safe and Human Friendly to use. It does not have Glass Tube filled with Neon Gas which can be hazardous at times.

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